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Cuddy Cabin Boats

The Cuddy Cabin Models are both affordable and quality made boats from Allmand Boats. All include performance and durability. You will not find these models anywhere else and all models are made with quality as well as reasonable price tag. A true marvel in modern day Cabin Cruisers, these classic premium boats pack a punch in speed and endurance when you take it for a ride. A boat that is a must-own for all boat lovers, the 18 foot Cuddy Cabin is above par with any other contemporary model in its category. We will match features and price with any other brand. A Revving up the power-packed engine unleashes the power and speed to take you the distance in many marine conditions. Plush and luxurious interiors built on a sturdy platform give the boat comfort and appeal. What more, at Allmand Boats the 16 to 29 foot Cuddy Cabins come at the most competitive rates in its contemporary class, worthy of every dollar invested. Enjoy luxury, class and performance all packed in one when you own the very unique Cuddy Cabin series only at Allmand Boats.