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Allmand Boats Ticonderoga 23

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Ticonderoga 23 deck supports being made in 1972

hull mold system for the 23 foot Ticonderoga in 1972

Allmand Boats PangaCraft 23

PangaCraft 23 deck supports being made today in ,

hull mold system for PangaCraft 23 foot today

Check out the photos on the top row below. They show how we made deck supports and mold systems for all our famous boats in 1972. Then look to the photo below that. They are photos in , showing how we use the same time tested methods. We have applied our proven ability to deliver the best value using our methods for over 36 years. We are the leading Cheap Custom Boat Builder, Cheap Boat Manufacturer, Cheap Boat Builder and Used Deck Boats Builder located in USA. Now we have developed revoltionary hull and construction designs that use Half the fuel and Half the horse power than any other boats, yet still provide the same performance and strength we are famous for!