3D CAD Designs

Many inquiries come from buyers who have a clear idea of what they need but cannot find any boat builder or that will accommodate their boat design. That is where we come in. Allmand Boats offers 3D AutoCAD boat design services and naval architect services. Our Naval Architect staff and 3D engineers can design your concept. Our boat building staff can then build your boat design to fit any budget. We offer both 3D AutoCAD Boat Design and 3D AutoCAD Boat modification design. When we receive an inquiry for a custom boat the first step is to come to an understanding with the customer regarding their ideas about their custom boat design. They could have a boat design modification of an existing model or a completely new boat design. Our 3D AutoCAD boat designing staff will then create renders to submit to the customer for their approval. This boat design process is a back and forth communications by email and phone where the customer looks over their boat design and if changes are needed we modify the 3D Auto Cad Boat design until we have a basis for a plan to build their custom boat. Our naval architect services range from modifying an existing boat design to creating a new hull, and generating line drawings, stability reports, hydrostatic calculations and other details as in a C.O.I. requirement or Safety at sea international documentation requirement.

Below is a slide show example of several 3D boat renderings generated to provide a basis for understanding and agreement with an online purchase. Renderings may go through several changes in design variations until finalized. This system has worked well meeting regional design requirements around the world. Some renderings are made to exact scale by our naval architect engineering staff, and used as a blue print for building. Others are a starting point for a general design theme that evolves during the building process. Some of the more basic renderings are needed to make fundamental design choices for new boat molds.

30 Panga Low Side Design

3D CAD Design of 19' Water Taxi

3D CAD Design of 27' Panga Cabin Boat

45' Water Taxi Concept Below

18' Panga CAD rendering used for making new molds for a commercial fishing boat design without a deck to a recreational type with a deck.

Detailed Engineering CAD Naval Architecture Rendering example

3D Auto Cad